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Dead girls can't tell secrets, Chelsea Ichaso - paperback

"Piper Sullivan was in a strange hiking accident last month and has been in a coma ever since. Her older sister, Savannah, can't pretend to be optimistic about it--things look bad. Piper will likely never wake up, and Savannah will never get any answers about what exactly happened. But then Savannah finds a note in Piper's locker inviting Piper to a meeting of their school's wilderness the very place and on the very day she fell. Which means there was a chance that Piper wasn't alone. Someone might have seen something. Worse, someone might have done something. But who would have wanted to hurt the perfect Piper Sullivan--and why? To discover the truth, Savannah joins the club on their weekend-long camping trip on the same mountain where her sister fell. But she'd better be careful. Everyone in the club is a suspect, and everyone seems to be keeping secrets about that tragic day. And Savannah? She's been keeping secrets too..."--, Back cover
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328 pages, 21 cm

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