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Minecraft construction handbook, written by Matthew Needler and Phil Southam (FyreUK) ; illustrations by James Barker, Joe Bolder, and Theo Cordner

An official guide to Minecraft construction shares essential tips and tricks for building creative structures and innovations ranging from theme parks and waterslides to pirate coves and animal cannons
Table of contents
Introduction -- Wooden house -- Chateau de Resquer -- Nordic hall -- Decorative garden -- Stream cottage -- Palace gardens -- Fortified wall -- Mage City walls -- Large medieval city wall -- Royal hall -- Dwarven city -- Palace -- Suspension bridge -- Tower bridge -- Mage bridge -- Stained glass poppy -- Stained glass pattern -- Fayfill fantasy port -- Colordream -- Ocean temple -- Sea temple -- Atlantis -- Floating island -- Mage tower islands -- Steampunk city -- Galleon ship -- Mage ships -- Pirate island ship -- Epic rollercoaster -- Red dragon coaster -- No escape -- Final wards from FyreUK -- Useful links
Literary form
non fiction
Updated edition.
Physical description
87 pages, color illustrations, 20 cm

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