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The shark handbook, the essential guide to understanding the sharks of the world, by Dr. Greg Skomal - paperback

Did you now that a whale shark's spots are as unique as a fingerprint? Or that sharks can go into a trance when flipped upside down? Jump into brand new facts about these fierce sea creatures. Dive deep into the world of sharks, the most fascinating and misunderstood marine animals on the planet, in this new edition of the Shark Handbook. Featuring over 400 profiles of every shark in existence, from the first sharks living about 445 million years ago to the ones lurking in the ocean deep today!"--adapted from publisher website
Table Of Contents
Shark characteristics. Shark evolution ; Anatomy of sharks ; Life history of sharks ; Shark conservation and use ; Shark attack ; Shark classification -- Types of sharks. Ground sharks ; Mackerel sharks ; Dogfishes ; Carpetsharks ; Other orders of sharks
Literary Form
non fiction
Third edition.
Includes index
Physical Description
279 pages, color illustrations, 20 cm

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