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How to speak flower, a kid's guide to buds, blooms, and blossoms, by Molly Williams ; illustrated by Miriam Bos - hardcover

"Birthday flowers. Valentine's Day flowers. Sympathy flowers. Red vs. yellow roses. Carnations. Orchids. We give/receive flowers for all sorts of reasons, but have you ever wondered what these beautiful flowers are REALLY trying to say? In this fully illustrated book, young readers will learn how everything from the color to the genus of a flower can communicate the simplest message. This is not your typical gardening book with step-by-steps to prepping soil, planting seeds, etc. (although we'll have a section on how to plant the perfect garden for your personality). Channel your inner horticulturist and learn the language of flowers! Featuring a similar illustration style to The Junior Witch's Handbook and Astrology for Black Girls, this gorgeous (and gifty) book will guide young readers as they learn to decipher the deeper meanings behind some of the most beautiful flowers. From Ancient Greece to the Middle Ages, to Victorian times to today, flowers are given as symbols of love, celebration, remembrance, friendship, etc. The book will include interactive elements like quizzes ("What's Your Flower Power?") to color codes charts, and a section called "How Does Your Garden Grow?" that will allow readers to create/plan a personal garden that is the best representation of their "kindred" flower spirits"--, Provided by publisher
Table of contents
Welcome! -- A mini-history of speaking flower ; Floriography: a way to communicate by using flowers -- Symbolism in floriography ; Color meanings in floriography ; Flower parts: definitions -- Plant buzzwords -- The flower life cycle ; Pollination 101 ; The pollinator crisis -- Botany versus horticulture -- Quiz: What's your soul flower? -- Flower language: love -- Flower language: friendship -- Flower language: gratitude -- Flower language: celebration -- Flower language: healing -- Flowers with negative meanings -- Danger: flowers that harm -- Quiz: What's you flower power? -- DIY flowers ; How to dry flowers at home ; Making your own floral bath bombs ; Flower pressing 101 ; How to make homemade potpourri ; Create a flower crown -- How do your flowers grow? ; Growing your own cutting garden ; Arranging cut flowers ; Bouquet recipes ; Flowering houseplants ; Flowers that make their mark: using flowers to dye fabric -- Plants/flowers and the colors they make -- Why connect with flowers? -- Historical meaning of flowers -- Quiz: test your knowledge
Literary form
non fiction
First edition.
"Sunflowers are symbols of friendship. Gardenias represent secrets and mystery. Irises say, I trust you. Flowers bring color and beauty to the everyday world around us, but flowers aren't just prety: Throughout history, they have been used to express ideas about ourselves and the people we care about. From asters to zinnias, from baby's breath to forget-me-nots, learn the magical, meaningful language of flowers with this magnificent guide to floriography. The secrets of every bloom and blossom are revealed-- and with personalized quizzes and handy charts, you'll discover your own flower power!"--Back cover
Physical description
114 pages, color illustrations, 23 cm

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